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At higher levels of education, almost every course requires students to write a research proposal for assignments or dissertations. It is a very important task as what you will write in the final dissertation depends heavily on this piece of write-up. However, without research proposal help online, writing a research proposal can end up being a long-drawn-out process and tiring on the student’s part. This is where Online Tutors Group comes to your aid, helping students write a detailed, well-composed research proposal to help and guide you through your university research assignment. If you are unsure about what to include in your research proposal, get in touch with our subject experts at the earliest.

As a tutoring group, we work with students from all academic streams and offer excellent research proposal writing service and tutoring services at competitive prices. We have helped several students get help in their coursework with the help of bespoke academic writing services. We provide comprehensive solutions for all students irrespective of their education level and stream. You can contact our subject experts for help with your coursework, essays, dissertations, etc., with prices starting as low as £50.

What is a research proposal and why is it written?

A research proposal is essentially a direct summary of the proposed research experiment. This concise document should be straight to the point, explaining the ins and outs of the experiment, what issues you might face when conducting the experiment, and determines the question or topic that you are trying to answer through your research and experiment. As such, a research proposal should also include information about the areas of study within your chosen domain and highlight the references, i.e., journals and debates you are going to cite as proof for your experiment.

Research proposal writing itself can end up being an arduous task on the students’ part as there are various aspects of writing that the students must incorporate in the write-up. These include the aim and objectives, a background on the topic of research, a literary review, outlining the methodology, and a proof of concept if the project calls for it. Online Tutors Group is one of the most reliable names in this industry, offering excellent research proposal help online UK at competitive prices.

Why get research proposal writing from Online Tutors Group?

Online Tutors Group works with over 20 subject experts all educated to the PhD level who can provide assistance in research proposal writing for students enrolled in various streams across the top universities in the UK. As one of the most reliable academic writing services provider, we have helped thousands of students across the UK to complete their research proposal and secure their final research project based on the said proposals. Our subject experts help students choose their research topic based on their expectations and consider their subject preference when drafting the final document.

When writing a research proposal, we take into account all the aspects of research proposal writing, which includes outlining the aim and objective, creating a hypothesis for the research, defining the methodology, ethical considerations to be taken, literature review, etc. Our comprehensive solutions ensure that the students pass with their desired grades.

We provide plagiarism free research proposal writing that implements different theoretical frameworks in the research so that the hypothesis of the project is validated and objectives are fulfilled. Our subject experts will also create a questionnaire as and when required for the precise collection of accurate data. We only refer to the latest relevant scholarly journals and include up-to-date information in the project. With comprehensive solutions, Online Tutors Group is the one-stop-shop solution for research proposal help online on any area of expertise.

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What is included in our comprehensive research proposal writing service?

Introduction – In the introduction section, we subtly introduce the topic of the experiment and include an accurate description of the project as concisely as possible. It will be a brief summary and leads seamlessly to the area of topic that your research will conduct and assess.

Area of Research – This section dives deeper into the problem that your research is trying to evaluate and answer. Our research proposal writing team conducts in-depth research on the topic area to explain the question and try to establish the proof of concepts and the logical research that will go behind the project.

Literature Review – Arguably the most important part of the research proposal is the literature review. This section includes any previous research and findings conducted around similar areas of research and how they can aid in solving the question in hand.

Methodology – Next, we will investigate the problem thoroughly and define the rationale behind your chosen methodology. This section will explain in detail why you have chosen particular techniques to understand and resolve the problem, thereby justifying your research proposal.

Hypothesis –  After thoroughly introducing the experiment, we finally provide a hypothesis for the project that highlights the topic area and research problem. The main objective of writing the hypothesis is that it explains what you are trying to achieve at the end of the experiment. The subject experts at Online Tutors Group will ensure that the hypothesis is achievable, providing a higher chance of approval

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