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Students at all academic levels from GCSE to graduate need to understand the importance of proofreading services and editing, this is vital to ensure that every piece of work is at the highest of standards. Failure to read through your finalised piece of work and revise grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, content structure and organisation can be detrimental and result in poor grades that you may not deserve.

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Most mistakes and errors within a student’s work are obvious but as you are writing you become blind to them. This is where online tutors’ groups expert dedicate proofreading services team come in to help all students of all academic levels with our proofreading services available. Our specialist online tutor team of professional and efficient writers will thoroughly examine and inspect the submitted piece of work so you can be 100% confident that your work is perfectly formatted and mistake free. From essays and coursework to research papers and dissertations online tutors group have the resources and expertise to provide a fully comprehensive proofreading services for all documents and pieces of work.

Our Professional Proofreading Services

Before submitting any piece of work make sure you contact Online tutors’ group for the most comprehensive and detailed proofreading services consisting of several attributes to be reviewed. 

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Proofreading services include:

Detailed analysis and editing – During the editing process we take time to check your works overall structure, format and layout of you work and individual paragraphs. At this stage we ensure that the content you present answer the question at hand and make sure you are conveying your ideas as effectively as possible for a more overall polished piece of work

Proofreading Services – We comprehensively vet all pieces of work submitted by the student for both grammar and writing proficiency. Our team examines the content and text of your work carefully but efficiently to highlight and amend all typographical errors and grammatical mistakes, style and spelling.

Citations and Referencing – Online tutors group have the knowledge and understanding of all Oxford, Harvard, APA, MLA and Chicago referencing styles therefore one of our team will also view that your work adheres to the appropriate referencing rules.

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