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The idea of writing a dissertation consisting of up to 10,000 words can be a daunting experience for all students. This is because for most students their dissertation is the biggest and, in some cases, the most important assignment to date at university level. A dissertation can be stressful especially if it is centre around a subject area that will challenge your academic abilities.

But there is no need to worry any more, the days of pulling your hair out stressing to meet deadline day are over. Online tutor’s group’s dissertation guidance and services has an expert team of professional and specialist online tutors to help you with dissertaion guidance and help you gain the dream grades you need to become top of the class and achieve an organised, polished and high quality dissertation.

Breakdown of our Dissertation Guidance Service

Online Tutors group understand the pressure and struggle a dissertation can inflict. However, we believe that online tutors group can provide only the very highest of quality dissertation papers to ensure we provide an outstanding service to each student who use us across the UK. Online Tutors group get involved as soon as their service are requested, consisting of continual dissertations help throughout every stage of the assignment.

If you’re in need of extra help with dissertation guidance or your studies at any level of education contact Online Tutors group, we offer either online tutoring or face-to-face private tuition


Online Tutors Groups Dissertation Help includes:

Dissertation topic / subject – A dissertation is a unique piece of work unlike other assignment, the student / writer gets to choose their desired subject area. If the client can’t decide our professionals dissertation guidance team will help with suggested and relevant topics that correspond with the student’s ideas  

  Research and Referencing – We pride ourselves on our continuous in depth research that we conduct when helping you with your dissertation guidance. To set ourselves aside from the competition our team find quality research related to the chosen subject to ensure an informative and factual dissertation  

  Structure – A Dissertation must be organised and structured to incorporate the essential topical areas that must be covered. Our professional outline the key areas throughout your dissertation putting in place a format to follow.  

  Dissertation Writing – Our online tutoring and students will correspond with each other throughout the dissertation guidance process to understand a clear direction for the dissertation. At this stage these are all put into action and make sure that all objectives and requirements are fulfilled  

  Proofreading and Editing – Here at online tutors’ group we pride ourselves on our in depth analysis of each dissertation, including full proofreading once the dissertation is complete to make sure it is of optimum quality for you to achieve your dream grades

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